This Multi-award winning venue is a must visit when in the Western Cape. Located on the Sothern slopes of the Paarl Mountain in Paarl Western Cape, Spice Route and Fairview have so many great activities and venues it will take more than just 1 trip to enjoy this amazing area.

The trail network has been specifically designed to cater for fun and enjoyment  with over 50km of trails that span across vineyards, Cattle areas, Olive orchards, citrus plantations, and parts of the Paarl Mountain Nature reserve this network of trails has a bit of everything  and best suited to Mountain Bikers , Runners , Hikers and exploring.

NB : you need to register and pay for your day permit to use the trails at the Hero Trail Centre or information centre at Spice Route

Usage Hours : 6:00-18:00 daily ( if the trail centre is closed please use Snapscan or the honestly box )

Other activities at Spice Route and Fairview

  • Various wineries
  • Wine Tasting
  • A number of great restaurants
  • CBC Brewery
  • DV Chocolate and ice cream
  • At least 3 Restaurants and cafes
  • Retail Outlets
  • Trail centre
  • Bike Wash
  • Tours
  • Showers
  • Events
  • Team Building
  • Corporate functions
  • Kids Parties

Young Farmers Trail

Distance: 2km
Arrow Color: Yellow
Elevation: 70m
Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Single Track, Jeep track

The Young Farmers Trail is a short 2km Trail that goes through Vineyards and Olive Orchards, a few smaller bumps to negotiate but a good trail for a beginner and Kids (accompanied by an adult). Please DO NOT take the A Line over the Bridge, Take the B line around

Mountain Valley Trail

Distance: 5km
Arrow Color: Pink
Elevation: 150m
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate

Terrain: Single Track, Jeep track

The Mountain Valley Trail has a bit of everything in a relatively short distance, experience the views but also a climb or 2. caution on the descent if you are a beginner and take the B line at the bridge DO NOT TAKE A LINE. It’s a fun trail so take your time and enjoy it.

Olive & Oak Route

Distance: 10km
Arrow Color: Green
Elevation: 190m
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate

Terrain: Single Track, Jeep track

The Olive and Oaks Trail was specifically designed to give weekend warriors and those wanting a little more adventurous trail. Packed with great features, Single track and an amazing variety of terrain, BUT all designed for fun not difficulty. the Single Track is flat and wide, so enjoy it

Die Vlaktes Trail

Distance: 25km
Arrow Color: Blue
Elevation: 300m
Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: Jeep Track, Single Track

Die Vlaktes Trail has a bit of everything, Views, great terrain and a really manageable distance where you don’t break to much of a sweat. enjoy the variety of features that include Vineyards, Olive Orchards, Game, Cattle, sheep and a number of other surprises. make sure that camera is charged because the views are jaw dropping so enjoy it

Die Landskroon Trail

Distance: 10km
Arrow Color: Purple
Elevation: 150m
Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: Jeep Track, Single Track

The Landskroon trail is a fairly flat and fast trail that meanders through the Landskroon vineyards and around some of there protected areas, great views of the area, great fun.

Diamant Trail

Distance: 12km
Arrow Color: Light Blue
Elevation: 400m
Difficulty: Moderate with short difficult sections

Terrain: Single Track, Jeep track

The Diamant Trail might be short, but it’s definitely punchy. totally worth the effort as the trail has a bunch of flowing forests and short steep elevations. You will wind through the spectacular Diamant Estate and experience one of the Gems of Paarl.

Backs Farm Trail

Distance: 40km
Arrow Color: Red
Elevation: 400m
Difficulty: Moderate with short difficult sections

Terrain: Single Track, Jeep track

Backs Trail is a true Showcase of What the Back Family have created over generations. You Get to Traverse through many of the world-famous vineyards, orchards and camps that create the amazing Spice Route and Fairview Products. This is a culinary and wine journey with a mix of adventure. Don’t be Fooled by the low elevation, the more effort you put in the harder the trail gets.